Comexim Anikka and some fit journey experiences


I just realized this is my first ever bra post. I just recently received several comexim bras and feel like I finally have nailed down my size and what alterations I need. I have since gotten a new bikini (the comexim Hawai) and my impulse is to review it. I just feel like the bikinis are so much easier to review I guess. I haven’t felt 100%, so while I’ve wanted to review all the new bras I’ve gotten…I haven’t. So I’m going to go somewhere in the middle of my bra ordering and fit spurt and kinda talk about my fit journey. 


The annika is the first ever comexim bra I tried. After striking out hard with UK fits and realizing I was a sub 28 band I decided to take the polish plunge. Through some mismeasurement of my flaired ribcages I thought I was around a 28FF/28G. Around that time Annika was exclusively released to Zathiya. They happened to have a 55HH and J, which I thought was my size. The J ended up being a great volume fit with only minor fit issues. Since then I finally played with some alterations. 

Unfortunately I also experienced some tissue migration, so the 55Js wound up being too small. I tried a couple of 55Ks and a 50L. I still had some quadding and cutting in, so I stumbled across a 60K I planned to reduce in the band (i’ll review that later). Realizing how great of a volume fit I found, I decided to try my hand at the 55L. Once again I got super lucky and found the annika in a 3HC sized 55L. IMG_2187


Design and fit

This bra is just gorgeous. I love the coloring even not being a fan of brown. It’s a gorgeous chocolate brown with a copper ribbon outlay. I even love the bow and pendant and I’m not a fan of bows and ribbons. For an unaltered bra, I got really lucky with how well this fits. I usually get cutting in with ribbon and I don’t have that here. The cups are a little tall at the wings. It’s not near as bad as some other bras I have. I’m high set and have a small frame, so it’s a problem I get a lot. Sizing down in a cup gets too much quadding. It’s a very minor fit issue that I physically don’t even notice, so I’ll take it. Not to mention when it does with other bras bending the wires usually fixes this problem for me.



I’m still learning so much about measurements, so again I’m going to glance through that part rather quickly. As always all measurements are on bratabase. The cup depth is 9.8, which is within a range that seems to work for me. However, I find an exact cup depth that I need isn’t really set. It’s more of a range. The cup separation was VERY minimal at around half an inch, so I think that’s why this is such a good fit without alterations. 

One thing I will say is the band seems to be a lot stretchier in the annika style than my other comexims. The 3HC measures more TTS at just under 26″, but most of my 55s stretch to only 24-25 inches(I even have one that’s 23″). However the plunges stretched to 27″ and were definitely riding up. This one is at the edge of my sweet spot, so it just works. It felt very stretchy though, so I’m not sure how long it will stay this way. As you can see I have a scar from too big of bands floating around and stabbing well below my IMF, so getting a band that fits is the most crucial thing for me. So I definitely consider this bra an overall win. 



My First Comexim Bikini Order&Experience


So a little over a month ago I decided to take the plunge and order my first custom bikini. I live by the beach so having at least two fitting bathing suits is essential for me. Jaimie over at Bra Obsessed was beyond amazing (as always) and sent me multiple fabric choices. I hated everything I saw. So she sent some more and finally I found one I loved in the Kameleon 2. I picked the Jamaica as a backup. The fabric was pretty, but as a bikini it was just kinda meh. A week and a half later Comexim states they’re out of the fabric for both bikinis. I was crushed, I literally hated every other fabric. I settled on the Kameleon, because I figured the 2 without orange wouldn’t look that different. It was ok, but not really my style and at the time the only fabric I’d even consider wearing. Jaimie asked comexim if they had anything else for me and then sent me a picture of the Hawai and Tahiti. They were fabric swatches then, so trying to envision them on a person was hard. I loved them both so much it was hard to decide. Finally I picked the Hawai. Fast forward to my order coming in and Jaimie was surprised to find out they sent the original order of the Kameleon 2 and the Jamaica. I was really sad to not have the Hawai, but I was more relieved to not have the original Kameleon. Besides if I liked these bikinis ordering the Hawai (and/or Tahiti) is always an option.

Even with the EM St Tropez, I opted for rushed shipping. It’s cute and a solid back up suit, but having to rotate in VS swimsuits still was an awful option. When I got my hands on the bikini it was better than anything I imagined. 


In my opinion these two were so close in style, shape, and fit I couldn’t really justify doing two separate posts. Especially, since I’m newer to all of this and my blogs aren’t as technical yet. They’re more about the experience for now. I think ordering experiences are fascinating anyway, so hopefully others find some interest or use in it too. 

Here’s the Kameleon 2. I’m using an iPhone and taking good selfies to show fit is hard for me. I did a close up of the top because it looks awful in my contorted arm selfie. I absolutely love the color way, style, size, and pretty much everything about this gorgeous bikini. The coloring is just gorgeous and the orange makes it pop. 

This is the Jamaica. I went from thinking it was meh to loving it once I tried it on. I think it complements my skin tone well, has a bright and playful look, and is right up my ally. The Kameleon is still my favorite of the two, but I love them both so much! 


 Both bikinis are a 55J with small bottoms. In my experience comexim 26 bands rarely stretch to 26 inches and these bikinis are no exception. They were both around 19-20 inches unstretched with max stretched bands a little under 25″. I prefer my bands around 24-25″, so they were perfect for me. The only complaint I had about either bikini was the strap length being too long for my high set bust. Very minor and I’m beyond happy with the fit. Even the bottoms fit very well in the hip while provided coverage for my butt. I have a high hip fluctuation of 28-29″ with my low hip (around the widest point and peak of my butt) being 33-34″. I have a bubble butt and fitting both is almost as bad as fitting a bikini top. I don’t know how they’ll fit after wear at the beach just yet, but brand new they’re amazing. 

I’m not going into much detail about measurements, because I’m still learning what range is best for me and what not. I did put the measurements on bratabase though. I will say the two tops were very close in size as one would hope when ordering identical sized tops from the same company. The cups of the Kameleon 2 are slightly deeper and more narrow. It definitely fits my narrow rooted, projected breasts better. Worth nothing: I’m not sure if it’s because I normally wear a 3HC or if bikini tops run different, but the cup depths were closer to my 55K bras than my 55J bras. I prefer to take my smaller size in bikini cups because of the stretchy material and how much worse gaping looks as opposed to any quadding or spillage in cups. Lucky for me I ordered these pre-tissue migration or I think these cups would have been too big. This was an order where so many little things went right to leave me with such a great experience and product fit. Crazy to think how many little changes could have left me with a different size, style, or shape. I’m very grateful to Jaimie at bra obsessed because she’s an integral part of my getting great fitting bras and bathing suits. She is an absolute pleasure to order from. She’s helpful with style, sizing, and the entire overall order process. She’s the reason I now have two lovely bikinis with a fit I’m very pleased with[and a handful of bras that I am going to start reviewing soon:-)]. 

Ewa Michalak St Tropez Bikini

I’ve heard so many negative things about ordering fro Ewa Michalak (EM) that I’ve steered clear of the brand. I was lucky enough to snag a bra close to my size on bratabase and despite being around a cup size to small, I love the fit. Then, while on Zathiya’s site I stumble across the St Tropez bikini in a 26G. So close to my size I figure why not. I’m still waiting on my comexim bikinis and I live in Florida. A good fitting bikini is almost more necessary than a well fitting bra. I practically spend more time in my bikini until November.

Honestly the style didn’t seem 100% me and I was not digging the bottoms. However, with the points you get and free shipping it was almost better to just get the bottoms. I only tried it on quickly, I’m about to wear it today for the first time. However, my first impression is love. My nipples sit low and it’s open enough on top that being a cup size too small gives great cleavage. Most of the time I get cutting in that looks tacky if a bra or bikini is even a little too small. It also comes with removable padding& I think it’s lined just enough to cover up your nipples without the padding even. A really tough find in even semi busty bra sized bikinis. I loved that the back had a tie over the hooks, so it looks even more like a bikini. The coloring was more pink than red and was much more my taste than I imagined.

Not going to lie I thought the bottoms were borderline hideous. The 35 points and free shipping were the only reason I gave them a shot. I was planning on wearing the top with a black pair of bottoms I already have(and I still plan to do so). However, I actually really like the bottoms. I can’t usually pull of high waisted anything because I’m small but curvy. I have a long torso and a butt, so anything even close to fitting goes right up my butt crack. With these bottoms having a long torso and butt actually worked in my favor. I can wear them high waisted and they look good. However, if I pull them down near the top of my hips they fit and cover my butt in a really cute way. I actually love these bottoms.

I bought this bikini as something to hold me over until my comexim order came in. I wound up falling in love. I’ve officially fallen in love with EM because they fit better than comexim without having to do alterations. I’m still so scared to order from them though. Why EM do you have to be so amazingly perfect!?! At least sometimes being impatient works out;-).IMG_2067

Victoria Secret Why!?! Sizing rant.

I went to Victoria Secret yesterday to get a work jacket. Knowing they don’t carry my size, I decided to get a good laugh. I asked for a bra fit. They measured me in the middle of the store over my shirt. They measured over top of my chest for my band measurement. I have shallow breasts and tall roots, she was measuring breast tissue!

Then she held the tape measure around my bust, but a few inches away from it. She then pronounced me a 32 D/DD. I mentioned I bust out of their DD/DDDs they asked what band size. I said that I do take a smaller band size, but I bust out of their 32DD/DDDs and they don’t have a smaller band size so I have to “take them in”. When she asked if I wanted to try on bras in my “new size” I declined since I have enough VS bras in a bigger size. My regret was not doing so to show them how the 32DD doesn’t even contain all of my nipple. I don’t know that it would have helped though. I was wearing a barely worn 30F bra on the tightest hook with too small a cup and too big a band when she sized me.

The thing is I don’t even get how or on what planet those measurements would work. If she actually measured my bust, she would’ve only got a 1-2″ difference from the 33 “overtop”. I feel like she started to take the measurements and could look and tell they were going to be wrong. So she guessed I was around a 32D/DD because that’s what society says is “tiny, but busty”. One of the ladies said the other one would size me, so I think they at least know some women are sized out of their bras.

In the US, VS is considered like the holy grail of lingerie. It breaks my heart that they are so limited in sizing and so set on forcing women into their bras. If I actually was a 32 D/DD I don’t get how their sizing techniques would produce those numbers on someone actually that size. IMO forcing women into sizes that don’t fit, is why VS is seen as a joke for bra fittings. While some women still consider it the holy grail, many now know you won’t get a good fit there. If it’s that widespread, why not try to start fitting at least somewhat accurately?!?

Intro&First Review:Freya Cabaret Bikini

I’m still fairly new to the proper bra fitting world. I’ve got my fit narrowed down closely now&I have a better idea of what works for me. I was super hesitant to start a blog being only a month or so from learning I don’t size into american bras. However, I feel like starting out figuring out your shape, size, styles that work, what questions to ask, etc can be very overwhelming. So I wanted to start this blog as a newbie&still confused. That way when I finally know my stuff like the great women that have helped me, others can look back on where I started& maybe it will help them. If nothing else to realize almost everyone starts out confused.

I think when you get frustrated with finding a fit, it’s important to remember where you started and just how bad it was BEFORE you started to try a good fit. Tonight I have my first ever cup size bikini. It’s the freya cabaret bikini. I will note that I was PMSing. However, I’m on the depo. So I was bloated and so far have not experienced breast swelling and tenderness like I usually do around my period.


It seemed too big and too small at the same time in both ways. It’s probably not the best shape match for me. I’m center full and so the gore doesn’t tack and I had to reverse scoop in the center because it cut in pretty bad(like I had two boobs bad). At the same time I have some wrinkling up top. The bottoms were also slightly baggy/wrinkly, yet the coverage was less than I’m used to. It shows more of my butt than I usually care too. Overall though, it’s a cute bikini. My friends say it looks good, so hopefully I’m just being overly critical. If I play around with it I’m sure i can get a better fit. However, I feel confident that I can get up from laying down or go into the water without my boobs falling out. That alone is worth it!

I have to remember that I was coming from wearing L or XL tops with tie backs that I spill out of. I think I can get a great fit from comexim, but this isn’t too bad until then! On the left was my previously best fitting bikini. It looks good from a distance and strategically adjusted. However, the top right is the close up. Bottom right is what almost every one of my other bikini tops look like. So big improvement!