Comexim Anikka and some fit journey experiences


I just realized this is my first ever bra post. I just recently received several comexim bras and feel like I finally have nailed down my size and what alterations I need. I have since gotten a new bikini (the comexim Hawai) and my impulse is to review it. I just feel like the bikinis are so much easier to review I guess. I haven’t felt 100%, so while I’ve wanted to review all the new bras I’ve gotten…I haven’t. So I’m going to go somewhere in the middle of my bra ordering and fit spurt and kinda talk about my fit journey. 


The annika is the first ever comexim bra I tried. After striking out hard with UK fits and realizing I was a sub 28 band I decided to take the polish plunge. Through some mismeasurement of my flaired ribcages I thought I was around a 28FF/28G. Around that time Annika was exclusively released to Zathiya. They happened to have a 55HH and J, which I thought was my size. The J ended up being a great volume fit with only minor fit issues. Since then I finally played with some alterations. 

Unfortunately I also experienced some tissue migration, so the 55Js wound up being too small. I tried a couple of 55Ks and a 50L. I still had some quadding and cutting in, so I stumbled across a 60K I planned to reduce in the band (i’ll review that later). Realizing how great of a volume fit I found, I decided to try my hand at the 55L. Once again I got super lucky and found the annika in a 3HC sized 55L. IMG_2187


Design and fit

This bra is just gorgeous. I love the coloring even not being a fan of brown. It’s a gorgeous chocolate brown with a copper ribbon outlay. I even love the bow and pendant and I’m not a fan of bows and ribbons. For an unaltered bra, I got really lucky with how well this fits. I usually get cutting in with ribbon and I don’t have that here. The cups are a little tall at the wings. It’s not near as bad as some other bras I have. I’m high set and have a small frame, so it’s a problem I get a lot. Sizing down in a cup gets too much quadding. It’s a very minor fit issue that I physically don’t even notice, so I’ll take it. Not to mention when it does with other bras bending the wires usually fixes this problem for me.



I’m still learning so much about measurements, so again I’m going to glance through that part rather quickly. As always all measurements are on bratabase. The cup depth is 9.8, which is within a range that seems to work for me. However, I find an exact cup depth that I need isn’t really set. It’s more of a range. The cup separation was VERY minimal at around half an inch, so I think that’s why this is such a good fit without alterations. 

One thing I will say is the band seems to be a lot stretchier in the annika style than my other comexims. The 3HC measures more TTS at just under 26″, but most of my 55s stretch to only 24-25 inches(I even have one that’s 23″). However the plunges stretched to 27″ and were definitely riding up. This one is at the edge of my sweet spot, so it just works. It felt very stretchy though, so I’m not sure how long it will stay this way. As you can see I have a scar from too big of bands floating around and stabbing well below my IMF, so getting a band that fits is the most crucial thing for me. So I definitely consider this bra an overall win.