My First Comexim Bikini Order&Experience


So a little over a month ago I decided to take the plunge and order my first custom bikini. I live by the beach so having at least two fitting bathing suits is essential for me. Jaimie over at Bra Obsessed was beyond amazing (as always) and sent me multiple fabric choices. I hated everything I saw. So she sent some more and finally I found one I loved in the Kameleon 2. I picked the Jamaica as a backup. The fabric was pretty, but as a bikini it was just kinda meh. A week and a half later Comexim states they’re out of the fabric for both bikinis. I was crushed, I literally hated every other fabric. I settled on the Kameleon, because I figured the 2 without orange wouldn’t look that different. It was ok, but not really my style and at the time the only fabric I’d even consider wearing. Jaimie asked comexim if they had anything else for me and then sent me a picture of the Hawai and Tahiti. They were fabric swatches then, so trying to envision them on a person was hard. I loved them both so much it was hard to decide. Finally I picked the Hawai. Fast forward to my order coming in and Jaimie was surprised to find out they sent the original order of the Kameleon 2 and the Jamaica. I was really sad to not have the Hawai, but I was more relieved to not have the original Kameleon. Besides if I liked these bikinis ordering the Hawai (and/or Tahiti) is always an option.

Even with the EM St Tropez, I opted for rushed shipping. It’s cute and a solid back up suit, but having to rotate in VS swimsuits still was an awful option. When I got my hands on the bikini it was better than anything I imagined. 


In my opinion these two were so close in style, shape, and fit I couldn’t really justify doing two separate posts. Especially, since I’m newer to all of this and my blogs aren’t as technical yet. They’re more about the experience for now. I think ordering experiences are fascinating anyway, so hopefully others find some interest or use in it too. 

Here’s the Kameleon 2. I’m using an iPhone and taking good selfies to show fit is hard for me. I did a close up of the top because it looks awful in my contorted arm selfie. I absolutely love the color way, style, size, and pretty much everything about this gorgeous bikini. The coloring is just gorgeous and the orange makes it pop. 

This is the Jamaica. I went from thinking it was meh to loving it once I tried it on. I think it complements my skin tone well, has a bright and playful look, and is right up my ally. The Kameleon is still my favorite of the two, but I love them both so much! 


 Both bikinis are a 55J with small bottoms. In my experience comexim 26 bands rarely stretch to 26 inches and these bikinis are no exception. They were both around 19-20 inches unstretched with max stretched bands a little under 25″. I prefer my bands around 24-25″, so they were perfect for me. The only complaint I had about either bikini was the strap length being too long for my high set bust. Very minor and I’m beyond happy with the fit. Even the bottoms fit very well in the hip while provided coverage for my butt. I have a high hip fluctuation of 28-29″ with my low hip (around the widest point and peak of my butt) being 33-34″. I have a bubble butt and fitting both is almost as bad as fitting a bikini top. I don’t know how they’ll fit after wear at the beach just yet, but brand new they’re amazing. 

I’m not going into much detail about measurements, because I’m still learning what range is best for me and what not. I did put the measurements on bratabase though. I will say the two tops were very close in size as one would hope when ordering identical sized tops from the same company. The cups of the Kameleon 2 are slightly deeper and more narrow. It definitely fits my narrow rooted, projected breasts better. Worth nothing: I’m not sure if it’s because I normally wear a 3HC or if bikini tops run different, but the cup depths were closer to my 55K bras than my 55J bras. I prefer to take my smaller size in bikini cups because of the stretchy material and how much worse gaping looks as opposed to any quadding or spillage in cups. Lucky for me I ordered these pre-tissue migration or I think these cups would have been too big. This was an order where so many little things went right to leave me with such a great experience and product fit. Crazy to think how many little changes could have left me with a different size, style, or shape. I’m very grateful to Jaimie at bra obsessed because she’s an integral part of my getting great fitting bras and bathing suits. She is an absolute pleasure to order from. She’s helpful with style, sizing, and the entire overall order process. She’s the reason I now have two lovely bikinis with a fit I’m very pleased with[and a handful of bras that I am going to start reviewing soon:-)].