Victoria Secret Why!?! Sizing rant.

I went to Victoria Secret yesterday to get a work jacket. Knowing they don’t carry my size, I decided to get a good laugh. I asked for a bra fit. They measured me in the middle of the store over my shirt. They measured over top of my chest for my band measurement. I have shallow breasts and tall roots, she was measuring breast tissue!

Then she held the tape measure around my bust, but a few inches away from it. She then pronounced me a 32 D/DD. I mentioned I bust out of their DD/DDDs they asked what band size. I said that I do take a smaller band size, but I bust out of their 32DD/DDDs and they don’t have a smaller band size so I have to “take them in”. When she asked if I wanted to try on bras in my “new size” I declined since I have enough VS bras in a bigger size. My regret was not doing so to show them how the 32DD doesn’t even contain all of my nipple. I don’t know that it would have helped though. I was wearing a barely worn 30F bra on the tightest hook with too small a cup and too big a band when she sized me.

The thing is I don’t even get how or on what planet those measurements would work. If she actually measured my bust, she would’ve only got a 1-2″ difference from the 33 “overtop”. I feel like she started to take the measurements and could look and tell they were going to be wrong. So she guessed I was around a 32D/DD because that’s what society says is “tiny, but busty”. One of the ladies said the other one would size me, so I think they at least know some women are sized out of their bras.

In the US, VS is considered like the holy grail of lingerie. It breaks my heart that they are so limited in sizing and so set on forcing women into their bras. If I actually was a 32 D/DD I don’t get how their sizing techniques would produce those numbers on someone actually that size. IMO forcing women into sizes that don’t fit, is why VS is seen as a joke for bra fittings. While some women still consider it the holy grail, many now know you won’t get a good fit there. If it’s that widespread, why not try to start fitting at least somewhat accurately?!?


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