Intro&First Review:Freya Cabaret Bikini

I’m still fairly new to the proper bra fitting world. I’ve got my fit narrowed down closely now&I have a better idea of what works for me. I was super hesitant to start a blog being only a month or so from learning I don’t size into american bras. However, I feel like starting out figuring out your shape, size, styles that work, what questions to ask, etc can be very overwhelming. So I wanted to start this blog as a newbie&still confused. That way when I finally know my stuff like the great women that have helped me, others can look back on where I started& maybe it will help them. If nothing else to realize almost everyone starts out confused.

I think when you get frustrated with finding a fit, it’s important to remember where you started and just how bad it was BEFORE you started to try a good fit.¬†Tonight I have my first ever cup size bikini. It’s the freya cabaret bikini. I will note that I was PMSing. However, I’m on the depo. So I was bloated and so far have not experienced breast swelling and tenderness like I usually do around my period.


It seemed too big and too small at the same time in both ways. It’s probably not the best shape match for me. I’m center full and so the gore doesn’t tack and I had to reverse scoop in the center because it cut in pretty bad(like I had two boobs bad). At the same time I have some wrinkling up top. The bottoms were also slightly baggy/wrinkly, yet the coverage was less than I’m used to. It shows more of my butt than I usually care too. Overall though, it’s a cute bikini.¬†My friends say it looks good, so hopefully I’m just being overly critical. If I play around with it I’m sure i can get a better fit. However, I feel confident that I can get up from laying down or go into the water without my boobs falling out. That alone is worth it!

I have to remember that I was coming from wearing L or XL tops with tie backs that I spill out of. I think I can get a great fit from comexim, but this isn’t too bad until then! On the left was my previously best fitting bikini. It looks good from a distance and strategically adjusted. However, the top right is the close up. Bottom right is what almost every one of my other bikini tops look like. So big improvement!


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